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One open IoT platform for all business domains

What is the Bosch IoT Suite?

With the Bosch IoT Suite, we provide our customers and partners with a comprehensive software platform for the Internet of Things (IoT). It consists of various cloud services and software packages all aiming to help IoT developers create, implement, and maintain IoT applications in a fast, easy, and secure way.

The Bosch IoT Suite is a comprehensive toolbox for IoT developers and offered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). It provides key middleware capabilities needed to build sophisticated IoT applications from top to bottom. Thereby our IoT platform serves as the technical foundation on which Bosch and our customers realize a broad range of solutions and projects.

By incorporating Bosch’s domain knowledge, the Bosch IoT Suite is the perfect match for IoT solutions in residential, mobility and industrial domains. In addition to our software stack, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions consisting of hardware (e.g. sensors and industrial gateways), software, and services to our customers.

The Bosch IoT Suite is a flexible IoT platform based on open source technology and industry standards, which enables a wide range of IoT use cases. It also supports seamless integration of other platforms and services as well as hosting in various cloud and on-premises environments.

As a leading provider and user of IoT technology, we meet the same data-protection and data-security requirements as our customers. Strict privacy standards that fully comply with legal requirements like EU-GDPR and modern security mechanisms such as end-to-end device credential and access management are key to the Bosch IoT Suite.

The Bosch IoT Suite is tailor-made to support IoT business models and makes it easy to connect various devices, gateways, and sensors. Self-service subscriptions for its services and pre-configured service packages allow to quickly start developing IoT solutions and reduce the time-to-market for our customers.

The scope of the Bosch IoT Suite

Developers can quickly build, implement, and operate cloud-based and highly scalable IoT applications with the Bosch IoT Suite. With its broad range of backend-services and gateway software, our IoT platform provides the core functionality for the most common IoT scenarios:

  • reliably connecting and managing devices, sensors, and gateways
  • providing secure access management
  • creating digital representations of physical devices
  • executing firmware update and software rollout processes
  • managing and analyzing IoT data

IoT platform based on open source & industry standards

The Bosch IoT Suite is built on top of Eclipse IoT open source projects and industry standards like OSGi. This open approach allows customers to enjoy all the benefits of fully managed cloud services while avoiding vendor lock-in. As another advantage, our partners and customers can influence the future development of the Bosch IoT Suite by participating in the underlying open source project communities.

Eclipse Ditto is where IoT devices and their digital twins get together. This open source project provides the basis for Bosch IoT Things.

Eclipse hawkBit allows you to create a domain-independent backend solution for rolling out software updates. It is the open source core of Bosch IoT Rollouts.

Eclipse Hono builds the foundation of the Bosch IoT Hub. It provides remote service interfaces for connecting large numbers of IoT devices to a backend.

Eclipse Vorto allows you to describe the abstract capabilities and functionality of devices as Information Models. The Bosch IoT Suite leverages these models to normalize the payload of devices and expose it as semantic APIs to IoT solutions.

OSGi defines a Java-based modular software architecture that follows the principles of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The Bosch IoT Gateway Software and Bosch IoT Remote Manager are based on this open standard in order to build and maintain evolvable IoT applications.

Eclipse Californium is a CoAP framework that targets back-end services communicating with smaller IoT devices. This specialized web transfer protocol is used within the Bosch IoT Hub.

Eclipse Leshan is a library implementing the Lightweight M2M protocol specified by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). It is leveraged by the Bosch IoT Hub.

EnMasse is an open source messaging platform used in the Bosch IoT Hub.

How companies benefit from our IoT platform

Hager leverages the Bosch IoT Gateway Software for its home energy management system.
EnBW/SMIGHT relies on Bosch’s device-management and edge-computing solution.
HOLMER Maschinenbau uses IoT data management for agricultural use cases.

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A leading IoT platform for device management

The analyst firm MachNation rated the Bosch IoT Suite as leading IoT platform for device management.
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