What is this service package all about?

In today’s digital world, many IoT applications focus on processing the data generated by connected devices. This telemetry data is used for a wide range of IoT use cases, such as remote monitoring, presence detection, and sensor tracking. In addition to this device-to-cloud communication, more and more IoT use cases also require changing the configuration of devices and triggering actions on devices (command & control).

Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication is a service package dedicated to support the scalable and secure ingestion of large volumes of sensor and asset data, and supports the remote control of your assets. This package comprises the Bosch IoT Hub - which takes care of device connectivity at the large scale - and Bosch IoT Things - which manages the digital representation (digital twins) of your physical devices.
Thanks to its pre-configured character, the service package provides one endpoint for device provisioning.
Schematic architecture of Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication

Key Features

Key features for Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication are:

  • Device registration via Bosch IoT Hub: One-time registration of each device via the central device provisioning API of the Bosch IoT Suite
  • Digital twins stored in Bosch IoT Things to keep in synch with the latest known state of your connected devices
  • Ability to remotely control your devices by setting configuration properties that are transmitted to them, or by remote invocation of device operations
  • Pre-configured persistent connection between Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Things: solution developers do not need to individually configure the Bosch IoT Suite services provided with this service package
  • Unified authorization by Suite OAuth tokens (JWT issued by our Suite OAuth infrastructure)

How can I make use of Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication?

The Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication service package is available on Amazon Web Services.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Suite for Asset Communication is currently available as a free plan for evaluation purposes (Beta version).

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