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Toolbox for IoT developers

Our ready-to-use cloud services and software packages enable secure and sustainable IoT application development

Capabilities of the Bosch IoT Suite

The Bosch IoT Suite is a flexible IoT platform that enables IoT application developers to build, implement, and operate highly scalable IoT applications. It comprises an array of cloud-enabled services and software packages that address the typical requirements of IoT projects. Companies can easily start with a PoC, enter the market quickly with an MVP, and operate their digital offerings in a scalable and secure manner.

In line with Bosch’s multi-cloud strategy, the Bosch IoT Suite services are available as fully managed, shared services in the Bosch IoT Cloud and on Amazon Web Services. The Bosch IoT Remote Manager – the Bosch IoT Suite’s device management service – also runs on other clouds, such as Microsoft Azure, and Huawei Cloud (in China), as well as being available for on-premises installation. In addition to the backend services, the Bosch IoT Suite also includes the Bosch IoT Gateway Software, which enables and supports edge computing use cases for the IoT.

Infographic illustrating the functional layers of the Bosch IoT Suite.

Device connectivity

Devices can be connected directly to the cloud via the Bosch IoT Hub and the Bosch IoT Remote Manager. Alternatively, the Bosch IoT Gateway Software supports connecting devices indirectly via gateways. This software is fully hardware independent and runs on Bosch gateways as well as on third-party devices. The Bosch IoT Suite’s connectivity layer abstracts the devices’ communication protocols and supports both telemetry ingestion and command and control messages.

Digital representations of physical things

With Bosch IoT Things, users can create an abstract representation of a real-world asset or device in the cloud. This representation is called a digital twin and comprises all the capabilities and aspects as its physical counterpart. It works like a mirror that keeps the real and digital worlds in sync. The digital twin layer also handles relationships between assets, e.g. through topologies.

Device management

The Bosch IoT Remote Manager is responsible for device configuration, monitoring, and remote maintenance. It handles both directly connected devices and devices connected through a gateway. All operations are intended for mass management: device and gateway lifecycle management, remote device configuration and control, remote configuration and provisioning, as well as remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Software provisioning

The software management service Bosch IoT Rollouts provides functionality to reliably provision and update software on IoT gateways and devices. It manages software modules/components and artifacts for complex, large-scale scenarios including rollout campaigns.

Data management and analytics

Bosch IoT Insights facilitates the storage, management, and processing of IoT data. It lets users visualize field data from connected devices in near real-time and make that data available for further analysis. This is where Bosch IoT Analytics comes into play. This family of services greatly simplifies field data analysis. In contrast to the conventional, more project-oriented analytics approach, these ready-to-use cloud services offer a cost-efficient way to address recurring analytics functions.

User and permissions management

Bosch IoT Permissions enables the independent management of users, groups, roles, applications, and tenants for IoT applications – including authentication and authorization.

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