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Capabilities of the Bosch IoT Suite

Map the requirements of your IoT project to the capabilities of Bosch IoT Suite

A flexible IoT platform

The Bosch IoT Suite is a flexible IoT platform that comprises an array of cloud-enabled services and software packages and addresses the typical requirements of IoT projects. Companies can easily start with a proof of concept (PoC), enter the market quickly with a minimum viable product (MVP), and operate their digital offerings in a scalable and secure manner.

Bosch IoT Suite functional layers

Device connectivity

The connectivity layer of the Bosch IoT Suite enables you to connect devices either directly to the cloud or indirectly via gateways. It abstracts the devices’ communication protocols and supports both telemetry ingestion and command and control messages.

Easy and secure device connectivity

Device management and monitoring

Connectivity and intelligence

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Digital twins

With Bosch IoT Suite you can create abstract representations of real-world assets or devices in the cloud. These digital twins comprise all the capabilities and aspects of their physical counterparts. By storing and updating the data, properties, and relationships of an asset and providing notifications of all relevant changes they allow you to keep the real and digital worlds in sync.

Managed inventory of digital twins for IoT device assets

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Device management

The Bosch IoT Suite’s rich device management functionalities facilitate interaction among connected devices. All operations are intended for mass management: device and gateway lifecycle management, remote device configuration and control, remote provisioning, as well as remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Device management and monitoring for IoT devices

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Software provisioning

The Bosch IoT Suite provides all the functionality needed to reliably provision and update software on IoT gateways and devices. It allows you to manage software modules and components as well as artifacts for complex, large-scale scenarios including rollout campaigns.

Managing software updates in IoT

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Data management and analytics

The data management functionalities of the Bosch IoT Suite enable you to collect, process, and store IoT data. In that way, you can visualize field data from connected devices in near real-time and make this data available for further analysis. Moreover, the Bosch IoT Suite allows you to address recurring data analytics functions with smart algorithms.

The easy way to manage your IoT device data

Monitor your devices with smart algorithms

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