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Bosch IoT Gateway Software speaks DECT ULE

DECT ULE is a low-energy extension to DECT. It was developed as a special solution for wireless sensor devices that need to run for years powered by a single battery.

This makes DECT ULE a powerful extension to the proven standard, and brings all the benefits of DECT to the sensor/actuator domain (e.g. different types of switches).

Supported devices

The Bosch IoT Gateway Software DECT module provides connectivity for ULE certified products.

DECT and DECT ULE use the same API, so the Bosch IoT Gateway Software DECT module can work with both.

For the complete feature set of the module, please see the module overview in the online documentation.

Prototype devices tested with the latest release of the Bosch IoT Gateway Software stack are:

  • DECT USB Dongle base station*
  • EVERSPRING Magnetic Detector SM143-1*
  • EVERSPRING On-Off Plug AN170-2*

*Update pending (new version/model available)

Connecting your devices

Follow the steps in this tutorial to connect your devices to the Bosch IoT Suite.

For details on the supported features of the Bosch IoT Gateway Software DECT connectivity module, check out the online documentation.

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