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Pricing & Conditions for Bosch IoT Analytics

Service plans for Bosch IoT Analytics: Anomaly Detection Service are as below:

I. Free

  1. Service plan description
  2. Quota
    • N/A
  3. Performance Metrics
    • Execution Time: No guarantees
  4. Reliability
    • Availability in % per month: A=99.0%
  5. Authentication class
    • Personal Authentication
  6. Monthly base fee
    • Free

II. Starter

  1. Service plan description
  2. Quota
    • Data upload 2 GB
    • Execution time: 8 hours
  3. Performance Metrics:
    • No guarantees
  4. Reliability:
    • Availability in % per month: SLA 99.5%
  5. Authentication class
    • Personal authentication
  6. Monthly base fee
    • USD 125.00/Month
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