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Service Descriptions for Bosch IoT Hub

Service Name

Bosch IoT Hub

Service Description

The Bosch IoT Hub allows you to connect devices through various protocols to IoT applications in an easy and secure manner. Using the cloud service, IoT applications are able to retrieve telemetry data from devices either with or without guaranteed delivery (device-to-cloud communication) and send command & control messages to devices (cloud-to-device communication).


  • Support of device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device communication distinguishing between different communication patterns:
    • Telemetry for processing data generated by devices
    • Events for guaranteed delivery of messages sent by devices
    • Command & Control for sending messages to devices (e.g. for changing the configuration of devices)
  • Support for interacting with MQTT and HTTP enabled devices
  • Support for various LoRa network providers to communicate with LoRaWAN enabled devices
  • Management of device identities and credentials to connect devices in a secure manner
  • Per-device authentication and authorization using different authentication schemes
  • Support for gateway based scenarios to connect devices using non-IP based protocols

System Requirements

  • For device communication defined by Protocol Adapters in use:
    • HTTP Protocol Adapter
      • HTTP 1.1 compatible client with TLS 1.2 encryption support
      • Supported authentication schemes: Username/password, X.509 client certificate based authentication
    • MQTT Protocol Adapter
      • MQTT 3.1 compatible client with TLS 1.2 encryption support
      • Supported authentication schemes: Username/password
      • Provides support for MQTT protocol but is not a MQTT Server as defined in MQTT specification
    • LoRaWAN Protocol Adapter
      • Defined by LoRa network provider that is used to connect LoRaWAN enabled devices
  • For Messaging API:
    • AMQP 1.0 compatible client with TLS 1.2 encryption support
  • For Management APIs:
    • HTTP 1.1 compatible client with TLS 1.2 encryption support

Privacy Leaflet

Find information about data protection and privacy topics of the service in the Privacy Leaflet.

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