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Service Descriptions for Bosch IoT Permissions

Service Name

Bosch IoT Permissions

Service Description

Bosch IoT Permissions provides user management, role-based access control and multitenancy for IoT applications.

It is a fully-managed cloud service to administrate users, groups, roles, permissions and tenants. The service provides a RESTful API, an administrative user interface, user-self-service interfaces and a Java client library.

System Requirements

  • HTTPS with TLS 1.2 is required to use the Service API 1 and 2
  • Oracle Java SE 8 is required to use the clients
  • The following desktop browsers are supported to use the Administrator UI and User Self-Service UI: Firefox, latest ESR version; Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows desktop operating systems); Chrome, latest stable version

See System Requirements

Privacy Leaflet

Find information about data protection and privacy topics of the service in the Privacy Leaflet.

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