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Service Descriptions for Bosch IoT Rollouts

Service Name

Bosch IoT Rollouts

Service Description

Bosch IoT Rollouts is a domain independent back-end solution for rolling out software updates to constrained edge devices as well as more powerful controllers and gateways connected to IP based networking infrastructure. Devices can connect to the Rollouts server either directly or indirectly through federated device management servers.


  • A device and software repository.
  • Artifact content delivery.
  • Software update and campaign/rollout management.
  • Reporting and monitoring.
  • Device integration interfaces provided for:
    • direct device integration.
    • custom device connectivity federation (i.e. indirect device integration).
  • Management interfaces:
    • for IoT solutions or applications to manage the repository and the rollouts.
    • and a user interface to operators to manage and run the rollouts.

System Requirements

  • For web based user interfaces:
  • For HTTP based APIs:
    • HTTP 1.1 compatible client with TLS encryption support
  • For Device Management Federation API:
    • AMQP 0.9 compatible client with TLS encryption support

Privacy Leaflet

Find information about data protection and privacy topics of the service in the Privacy Leaflet.

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